Gulf Fish We Catch

 Gulf Fish We Catch when Fishing In Alabama

Offshore Deep Sea Fish

Besides the infamous Red Snapper we catch lot’s of Great fish!

Plentiful and great to eat is our fabulous Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, Lane Snapper and Black Snapper! Look at this awesome gulf fish catch! They are a flakey fish that is perfect for any dish and for grilling or frying!

Shark Fishing

These boys did awesome fishing today

Cobia are seasonal fish and are typically caught during the months of March and April each year, although they sometimes are caught throughout the summer.

Big Cobia Fishing Florabama

Big Cobia Fishing

Inshore. Near Shore & Back Bay Fishing

We have many areas to fish inland both in beautiful  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Inshore fishing boats usually target Sheepshead in the spring, Flounder, Speckled Trout & White trout are great night fishing. The also target Red fish, Black snapper, Mangrove snapper and Pompano!

Weather and sea conditions permitting, they can go out near-shore and catch some offshore gulf fish species such as Snapper and Mackerel.

Sheepshead fishing Orange Beach

Go Alex

Delicious Gulf Snapper

Red Snapper

Our famous Red snapper are extremely abundant along the Alabama Gulf Coast settling on our hundreds of man made reefs. The media over plays this fish in the news and implies that this is the Snapper but it is only one of the species of the gulf fish! Red Snapper range in sizes from depending on the depth of the waters you fish and of course the luck of the draw. This fish is very stout and puts up a great fight. The fish fillet is steak like and great grilled or fried. Many people come to our coast to land some of the big trophy Red Snapper either for consumption or catch and release. The season is regulated by the Gulf Fisheries and the Federal Government and they are always subject to change.

2016 RED Snapper Season Starts June 1st and this year we get 48 Days for Federal Waters and June & July for state waters so Book your trip today!**** dates are always subject to change.

Gulf Shores fishing charters out our great U.S. Navy Guys

Navy Guys Gone Fishing


Out of the gulf fish this is one that for a day trip, fight as hard as any deep water fish! A true angler’s trophy and excellent to eat! This trip will need to be at least a 10 hour as the spots for Amberjack are very spread out! Get You Some!

Gulf Shores Fishing

Amberjacks Gulf Shores


Grey Triggerfish

Trigger fish is definitely a local favorite and loads of fun to catch. Their season is limited but we can always catch and release! This year the season ended in April.

Funny tit-bit about trigger fish…for many years they were considered a trash or throw back fish! Who knew they were so delicious to eat with a flakey white texture perfect for every meal!

Sam Jackson fishing in Orange Beach Alabama

Great catch Sam

Vermilion Snapper

One of the absolute best snapper of the species! It is our favorite to eat and it is super fun to catch, usually using a two hook rig you can reel in two at a time all day long!!! Grill it, fry it or blacken it!

Kids Fishing Gulf Shores Alabama - Alabama Fun Fishing Charters

Lil guy had a blast


Cobia aka Lemon Fish are the local fisherman’s fantasy fish! Our guys spend endless hours looking for this amazing eating and tough fighting migratory fish! Every summer there are few stragglers left that are caught but for the most they are gone by May! The best eating no matter how you cook it!!


orange beach baseball team fishing

Noah is bringing the heat fishing!

Blackfin Tuna

Black fin tuna usually caught “jigging” is a tough fight! This fish is usually found in abundance by the rigs and under the light caught with a jig and you better be ready to reel! I love our black fin smoked and I make an amazing tuna dip!



Wahoo is one of the most prized migratory fish you can catch in Alabama. The Wahoo are considered one of the fastest fish in the Ocean, next to the sail fish. Wahoo are usually caught in blue water or water that is over 150 feet deep or deeper.

They weigh on average 20 pounds each. We occasionally catch a Wahoo that is over 50 pounds. We have seen them go over a 100 pounds. They fight like crazy when hooked.

Most are caught while trolling lures behind the boat. Wahoo are a great fish to eat. They have white, flaky meat. You should not over cook them. They are better tasting when grilled or blackened. You may fry if you like, but you will be sacrificing the flavor.

King Mackerel

King’s are a great and fun fish to catch! We use special trolling lures that attract this powerful fish. Trolling is a fun experience for all especially kids and new anglers. This fish is awesome to eat if prepared right, please make sure the blood line is cut out and then you can fry, grill or smoke your fresh catch! These fish only migrate through our area from late May through September-October. Fun-Fun FISH-ON!!

4 hour fishing trip Perdido Key

4 hr Fun Fishing Trip

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish are a smaller version of the King’s and are equally if not more fun to catch! They run in larger schools and you can catch them one after the other! These fish are a blast to catch trolling especially for new anglers and kids! Don’t forget to scream to the Captain… FISH-ON!!

Ladies Fishing Trip Orange Beach

Ladies Fishing Trip

Yellowfin Tuna

The Beast of Fish! This is caught on our over-night trips and a targeted species normally by the rigs and the morning “bite” is the best! Now this is not only an amazing fish to eat is the fight of a life time! We love our Yellow fin tuna raw or seared but you can also smoke it for a great dip!

Yellow Fin Tuna Orange Beach

Yellow Fin Tuna



Mahi-Mahi aka Dolphin Fish

Not Flipper ~ the mammal dolphin but the excellent eating dolphin fish! These fish are so fun to catch and watch jump out of the water trying to escape the hook you have in them! And although they are mostly caught in very deep water sometimes we catch them in closer even the smaller ones that locals call “chicken dolphins” which are amazing eating! We only Grill or Blacken our dolphin.



Wow what a beautiful fish caught on our overnight trips! This is a true trophy prize and very rare but super fun to catch and watch fight the hook. I like to catch and release such a majestic creature…


The King of all Gulf Fishing…. take up the prize (if you can) with one of these beauties! The fight is exhausting but the reward is amazing! This is a very deep water fish caught with skill of trolling in the open blue water of the Gulf!


The Queen of the Marlins and the most beautiful dancer while she is being reeled in she will splash and dance across the waters. Definitely a bonus catch. Take your pictures and release her back into the wild…rare breed!